Investigations and Mediation

I offer specialist, discreet, independent mediation and investigation services, principally for clients where the matter concerns senior people, inter-Board /organisational relationships or, where there are specific organisational/personal sensitivities. I also provide these services where regulatory intervention or oversight or other external stakeholder scrutiny is evident for the organisation concerned.

As part of my mediation service IĀ also facilitate and broker discussions and negotiations between organisations and individuals when relationships have broken down and a mutually acceptable settlement needs to be achieved.

My investigation experience includes a number of high profile cases, which have held national media and regulatory interest, and some of my cases have involved working alongside concurrent police and fraud investigations/clinical reviews.

I have particular experience of cases where the issues being considered are highly sensitive for either the individuals or organisations for example whistle blowing or alleged bullying/harassment or where there is a concern that internal processes may need external review and report.

As an independent investigator I provide a responsive objective evidence based service, with clearly written and accessible reports and have won the confidence of key conflicted parties as a result in some very difficult circumstances.

Previous clients include organisations in the voluntary and private sectors, regulated industry/business, the NHS and Local Government.